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MiNDFUL is a cannabis dispensary in Colorado-springs, Colorado.

Vienna Pharaon is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in NYC


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403 N Circle Dr
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

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(719) 597-4429

Vienna Pharaon

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Yup, we’re talking about sex, friends.
Go ahead, give it a double tap and don’t just save this post. Take up some space. Let your handle show on this post and let’s start changing the conversation.
Communication can be hard. But put sex into the mix and many of us get lost. We’re not sure how to ask for feedback or give it. We can get distracted in fears and insecurities and worry about what the other person might think if we reveal, share, express, direct, etc.
I have a lot to say on this topic, but tonight I wanted to focus on something so many of us can forget about.
Whether you’ve had many sexual partners, none, or somewhere in between, the best way for you to have an expansive and connected experience with the person who is in front of you is by listening to and being attuned to the person in front of you. Being informed by porn, books, past partners, or your imagination is not the roadmap to THEIR experience. (It may inform some of yours.) You and anyone new is a blank slate. You may know things about yourself but be aware of telling yourself that you know about theirs. I know it can feel confronting, but drop into curiosity. Ask questions. Explore your relationship to giving and receiving feedback. Be aware of what stories you’re telling yourself, the expectations you have, and what judgments try to nudge their way forward.
No, someone doesn’t need to like something just because someone else did. Ya know?! Just sit with that. Sit with any thought that sounds similiar to that.
This is a BIG conversation but I wanted to get it started. What do you have to add? #mindfulmft

Oh the stories we tell ourselves, and the programming that takes over our beliefs. People who are single can range from being really lonely to really connected, joyful, and at peace. People who are in relationship can range from being lonely to really connected, joyful, and at peace. Wowzas. Would you look at that? We’ve been told so many times before that people who are in relationships are happier than singles. But it’s not so simple and straight forward.
Let’s break this down a bit. Yes, research *does* show us that people who are truly happy in their relationships report happier and healthier lives than people who are happy and content with being single, but happy and content singles take the win when they’re up against people who are in relationships that are unhappy and dysfunctional (which...is a pretty high percentage). It’s not wrong to emphasize the value of healthy relationships, it’s just damaging to emphasize being in ANY relationship as the goal. And unfortunately, so much of our messaging and programming supports that. The fact that we don’t generally learn how to have healthy relationships as we’re growing up, the age constraints many women are constantly reminded of, the fears around youthfulness being lost, are all things that can easily walk all of us down the aisle to this programmed (false) victory and celebration we attach to being in a relationship.
Being in healthy relationships is the win. Being connected, supported, knowing you’re loved and cared for (and doing the same in return), trusting that your experience is as important as you’re partner’s (and vice versa), being able to share your inner most truths...these things improve our lives. Plain and simple.
So here’s the message. Being single and happy is pretty damn amazing. It’s a beautiful space to exist in. Wanting a relationship to just want a relationship and to avoid the story that there’s something wrong with you because you’re single is total bullshit. Wanting a relationship because you see the value in partnership and the beautiful things that can come along with that is incredible. Healthy relationships will change your world. Commit to that. Do THAT work. #mindfulmft

Your inner child needs to trust you as the adult. As the adult who can finally watch over you and protect you, lead you, guide you, and love you. When you tell your inner self that you’re going to do something and then don’t do it, there’s going to be a war inside. Don’t test that little munchkin in there. They’ll let a roar out and create some chaos that screams “stop messing with me!” Take care of your inner self by giving it what it needs. By seeing them and hearing them and honoring them. What gets in the way of following through on your word to yourself? What blocks you from sticking to your goals and pathway towards healing? Spend some time in that space and see what comes forward for you.
It’s hard to heal if your internal system knows you’re not going to follow through. Instead of a full on commitment, try some gentler language that’s a bit more workable as you chat it up with yourself: “Hey (inner) you, I know you need me right now. I see you and I hear what you’re craving. I’m going to try really hard to protect you in this moment, but sometimes I get scared too and misstep. Hang in there with me as I figure this one out, okay?!” You dig?! What’s your inner child need to hear from you?
As a start point, make one promise to yourself every day that you know you can keep. Start building up that internal sense of trust with yourself. If you happen to not keep the promise make sure you acknowledge it to yourself. Gently. Lovingly. But start somewhere. Start small.
Link in bio. A couple of spots left.

Depletion. The things that take us away from ourselves, away from connection, honesty, transparency, authenticity, groundedness, acceptance, and more. These things weaken our systems, they weaken our sacred energy, and they weaken our relationships (to self and others). It’s important for us all to identify where in our lives we allow for depletion. Get curious here. Do you overwork? Do you lie? Do you present an image of yourself to the world that isn’t actually you that you need to keep up? Where do you pretend? Where do you hold within that needs to come out?
Naming and identifying these things to yourself is an important first step. And then leaning towards integrating a new way of living that will expand and uplift your world is important. In what ways can you be more honest? Can you share how you’re really feeling? Can you eliminate the small lies? Can you move away from behavior that is dishonorable to others? Think on it. How can you be more present and connect? Do you eliminate devices? Do you look a person in the eyes? Do you take the long way home to connect with yourself? Shop at local businesses? Strike up a conversation with a stranger? What could it be?
Reflect on this this week. What depleted your soul, and what brings it back? #mindfulmft

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MiNDFUL on 403 N Circle Dr

This place ROCKS! Hear many good things about you. We would love to see our brand of honey oils and dragons breath on your shelves.

Review by Medical Cannabis & Partners

MiNDFUL on 403 N Circle Dr

Always so friendly and welcoming! Best dispensary I've been to!

Review by Cassandra Holloway

MiNDFUL on 403 N Circle Dr

True to their word. Mindful. Quality. Come here for good deals, quality product and excellent management. Great place for concentrates. Edibles as well. Cant say I've tried the bud, but it looks and smells amazing. 5 stars for the price and the management team.

Review by Tony Holt

MiNDFUL on 403 N Circle Dr

Great store love the staff great prices love the fire meds

Review by John Barry

MiNDFUL on 403 N Circle Dr

Awe to the some. None of these bad reviews make any sense, pricing here is cheaper than most. Especially there concentrates, live resin under $30 a gram and regular shatter for under $20 a gram for members. I've even seen shatter for $10 a gram here recently. That's insane pricing!

Review by W. E.

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