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MiNDFUL is a cannabis dispensary in Colorado-springs, Colorado.

Vienna Pharaon is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in NYC


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Vienna Pharaon

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Something that comes up in therapy quite often is the frustration of not being able to trust oneself. "How do I know if what I'm feeling is right?" "How do I know the difference between intuition or fear?" "I just don't know how to trust myself to make this decision."
These are common questions that surface for many people. It creates so much uncertainty, doubt, fear, chaos, and suffering for us as adults.
Let's journey back, shall we?
We as children are pretty in touch with our intuition, friends. Like really in touch with it. But we begin to walk through life where other people (parents, siblings, teachers, coaches, society, etc) begin to tell us that what we're feeling and witnessing and experiencing is wrong (or at least different). These messages may come out of fear, out of suffering, out of their own wounding, or out of a desire to protect. When that happens, it creates internal conflict for us. The baby eyebrows raise as we try to make sense of our altering stories.
Because it's generally adults telling us about our experience (and we're just babies or kids) we begin to integrate what the other tells us (hey, they're the adults, they know better, right?) and so we start to abandon our intuition and turn our backs on what we feel and know, often in a hope of being accepted and loved them.
Let me give an example:
You notice that there's something wrong with mom. It seems she's been in bed for months on end and hasn't been eating much. You're worried about her and express it to your dad. He tells you she's fine and that she's just been under the weather. That confuses the system. [Internal conflict] What I see and experience is different from what you're telling me.
Can you remember any incident where what you saw, felt, or experienced was invalidated (regardless of the intention)? If so, I'd love for you to name it. Write it down. And then try to remember what it felt like.
Part of learning how to re-trust ourselves is recognizing what we can validate about our past experiences that may not have been at that time. Identify where in your life you’ve been convinced to walk away from your intuition and begin to repair it by acknowledging it. #mindfulmft

Last week to sign up for the FREE 7 Day Relationship Reset Challenge. Reset to yourself or reset with another. Link in bio to sign up.
Most of the time when I’ve done something that has led me towards healing, I’ve been afraid. The fear has a range; sometimes it’s been discomfort and other times it was full on questioning whether what I was about to do or say would mean the person would leave me, wouldn’t love me anymore, or wouldn’t want to choose me.
We certainly have to be careful with the risks that we take (not everyone deserves them or has earned them), but we do need to take emotionally calculated risks when it comes to doing the hard things that will walk us towards our healing.
What are you afraid of? Is it using your voice to tell someone you don’t like something that they’re doing? Is it asking for something different in bed? Is it setting a boundary with someone who keeps crossing a line? Is it leaving a relationship? Is it telling someone you love them? Is it sharing an insecurity that you’ve kept to yourself your entire life? What are you afraid of?
I can sit here all day and tell you that sharing the things that will lead you to you healing is so worth it (it is), that it will transform you and grow you in beautiful ways (it will), but the reality of it is that you’ll likely have to do it afraid. Sometimes more so than others. It gets easier with practice, but trust that “being afraid” is letting you know that something really important is about to happen.
The outcome is not the victory, friends. It’s the process. I can’t guarantee the other person will tell you they love you too. Or that someone will know what to do with your shared insecurities. I can’t promise that someone will respect your boundary once you set it. But what I can tell you is that you leaning into the things that honor you, even if they scare you, is a part of your growth you will learn to appreciate. #mindfulmft
Upcoming Events:
4/27: THIS SATURDAY in NYC - for couples.
5/18: Chicago
7/11: The Singles Immersion Retreat, NY
10/10: The Couples Retreat, Dominican Republic
Link in bio for details.

Survival. Let’s just give a hand to survival. Like, so much damn respect. We did it. Our systems figured it out, and worked some serious overtime.
But here’s the thing about survival. It has us on our heels. Stick with me. Even when survival made you spatially aware, or forced you to think ahead to know where you had to hide before your step dad came home. Even when survival meant you studied for weeks to get perfect scores so you wouldn’t be ridiculed. Even when survival meant you learned how to integrate and “be okay” in two different family systems as you went back and forth between your divorced parents and their respective families. You can see how survival can front and convince us that we’re on our toes, that we’re one step ahead.
But here’s the thing, it’s all in response to our system already being on its heels. We don’t have to be on our toes if we aren’t already on our heels, you feel me?
When we’re used to surviving in particular ways for a long time, it just becomes a way of being. We often lose awareness around it and our programming takes over. And so we continue to move through life with our survival badge front and center.
Sometimes it’s necessary and serves us greatly, and other times it blocks us from the things we need to allow happen in order for our healing to take place. Knowing the difference is likely one of the most important things any one of us can differentiate. Taking safe, reasonable risks to lean into vulnerability while simultaneously acknowledging the threats and responses to them is a practice worth mastering.
If you want to dive into this work, there are two opportunities to do that: one for you as an individual, and one for you as a part of a couple. The Singles Immersion is July 12-14 in upstate New York and The Couples Retreat is October 10-14 in the Dominican Republic. These experiences are intimate groups - we only take small numbers so that it’s hands on for each person attending. 12 total spots for the July trip and a max of 6 couples for the Dominican trip. You will do life changing work. First come first served. Get your applications in NOW. link in bio. #mindfulmft

Don’t forget to sign up for the FREE 7 day Relationship Reset Challenge. Starts next Monday. Link in bio (for everyone no matter your relationship status). Words matter, for sure, but really only when they’re accompanied by the changed behavior. Words on their own are only words (within the context of apologies). We assign meaning to those words, as one would. When someone says they’re sorry and they won’t do it again, we assign something to that. It makes sense. But when that person doesn’t follow through, then those words become a manipulation (whether intentional or not). That’s what’s important here. It doesn’t matter if you’re tying to be manipulative or not, it becomes a by product of not challenging your behavior to level up to what your words are trying to express. You may actually truly be sorry, but if you don’t do the work to stop the dysfunction or toxicity, then you’re playing in the pool of manipulation.
As you can guess, manipulation is terrible for any relationship (to yourself or to others). Because this post isn’t just about others — how many of us apologize to ourselves and then stick with the same old behavior. Oof. We’ve all been there if we’re not there right now.
Let that rattle around today. How are your words aligning with your behaviors. When you apologize to yourself or others can you/they actually trust it? Name one time where your apology became a manipulation (intentional or not) and sit with it. How does that feel? Where do you feel it? What makes changing the behavior difficult? What does maintaining the behavior serve? Some Monday morning reflections. #mindfulmft

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MiNDFUL on 403 N Circle Dr

This place ROCKS! Hear many good things about you. We would love to see our brand of honey oils and dragons breath on your shelves.

Review by Medical Cannabis & Partners

MiNDFUL on 403 N Circle Dr

Always so friendly and welcoming! Best dispensary I've been to!

Review by Cassandra Holloway

MiNDFUL on 403 N Circle Dr

True to their word. Mindful. Quality. Come here for good deals, quality product and excellent management. Great place for concentrates. Edibles as well. Cant say I've tried the bud, but it looks and smells amazing. 5 stars for the price and the management team.

Review by Tony Holt

MiNDFUL on 403 N Circle Dr

Great store love the staff great prices love the fire meds

Review by John Barry

MiNDFUL on 403 N Circle Dr

Awe to the some. None of these bad reviews make any sense, pricing here is cheaper than most. Especially there concentrates, live resin under $30 a gram and regular shatter for under $20 a gram for members. I've even seen shatter for $10 a gram here recently. That's insane pricing!

Review by W. E.

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