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MiNDFUL is a cannabis dispensary in Berthoud, Colorado.

Vienna Pharaon is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in NYC


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1015 N 2nd St
Berthoud, CO 80513

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(970) 344-5060

Vienna Pharaon

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Certainly not an easy task, but one that needs our attention nonetheless.
Most of us carry around a story (many stories) of how we ought to be living our lives and how things should be going (we’re really good at doing it for others, too 😜). We think we have a plan for our lives [insert programming making significant recommendations for our lives that we consider to be our own plan] and then get in serious distress when life starts going according to some other plan.
This is a good time to introduce the concept of surrendering and releasing the resistance and desire to cling.
So, I want you to think of one thing in your life that you’re clinging to. Maybe it’s a person, a job, a story, anger, resentment, judgment, wishing for something, the possibilities are endless. Whatever it is, name it. And from there I’d encourage you to sit with what it would feel like to release the cling. Where do you feel the sensation in your body? Name it. Is there a fear that tries to take over? Does a story walk right in and say this is stupid, never going to happen, etc? Name it.
What decisions would need to be made to help support you in the release? Are there actions that get taken, beliefs that have to shift, thoughts that need to get rewritten? Consider if you’re clinging leads you to peace or suffering (this one always gets me). If your clinging leads you to suffering then something needs to shift. Be with that. #mindfulmft ————————
So many upcoming things happening.
4/27: NYC - for couples
4/29: THE UNIVERSE - free 7 day Relationship Reset Challenge
7/12-14: UPSTATE, NY - singles retreat.
10/10-14: DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Couples Retreat.
All tickets/info in bio.

One more time without the typo 🙄.
It might sound something like “hey there self, I’m so sorry that I allowed _____ to happen.” Or, “hi self, I’m so sorry that I agreed to _____, when I knew you actually just needed rest instead.” Or, “hi self, I’m sorry that I decided to tell that person it was totally fine that they bailed on our date when it actually wasn’t.” You getting the hang of it?
We often allow things that cross our boundaries without ever speaking up for ourselves or letting another person know where that line is. Maybe we stay quiet because we’re used to being the peace keeper, used to flying under the radar, or maybe we just want to be liked that we’ll allow things even at the expense of feeling respected and honored.
Our systems are craving for all of us to see and be present to what it is we need and want. What’s okay and what isn’t. Our systems are craving for us to speak up, and to not let things slide when we’re actually impacted by them.
So what do you need to apologize to yourself for? Drop in to that. Hand on heart. Hand on belly. “Hi self, I’m sorry I haven’t spent enough time here. I’m ready to see you now.” #mindfulmft
Upcoming Events:
4/27: The Couples Experience at @theclass with @jayceegossett — Connor and I will then lead a great couples workshop. Bring your partner. One ticket per couple.
4/29: the start of the FREE 7 day challenge. If you’re interested in improving your relationships (to self or others) sign up for this. It’s also free...so why not?!
5/18: Chicago with @dr.alexandra.solomon - Re-Write Your Love Story. Link in bio.

There is a line from a favorite poem of mine, The Invitation, that says “I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself?” That line has always challenged me, especially as someone who historically was a pleaser and care taker. What do you mean to disappoint another? Why would I do that? Shouldn’t we put others first? Won’t it be too much for THEM?! I don’t know if any of that resonates with any of you, but I know that my role in my family system really played into me not being able to take on disappointing others in order to stay true to myself for a very long time. I didn’t even know what it meant to be true to myself, or how to check in with how I was actually feeling.
That’s what this work does, though. Growth and transformation journey us towards ourselves if we let it. Getting to know what we like and don’t like, while challenging us to have the courage to bring it forward and honor it (even if that means someone else doesn’t like it). Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not an invitation to not care about the experience of others. This is an invitation to get comfortable being honest with yourself and then allowing that honesty to take up space. #mindfulmft
Join @mantalks and me for our FREE 7 day Relationship Reset Challenge starting on April 29th. You’ll get videos, worksheets, exercises and more. Everyone of us should have a chance at learning about healthy relationships with ourselves and each other. So sign up. It’s a no brainer. Link in bio.

***7 day FREE Relationship Reset is waiting for YOU to sign up. We launch on April 29th, so don’t delay. A full week of videos in your inbox, worksheets, journal prompts. This is literally for anyone who wants to learn how to have healthier relationships. We want everyone to have a chance at learning the tools! Link in bio.
Caption time.
Do you ever notice yourself coming back over and over again to the same person doing everything in your power to get them to understand you the way you crave? Are there certain people in your life who you just can’t understand or who can’t understand you? Sometimes we’re the ones who are blocked, sometimes it’s the other person, and sometimes we’re both stuck in it.
This happens within our family systems so much and then filters into other relationships. Maybe it’s with your mother? Father? Brother or sisters? A colleague? Partner? Ex?
We crave to be understood. We crave being seen and acknowledged. We crave being prioritized and having our beliefs or way of living be honored and respected. We crave these things, but often times our experiences become confronting and threatening to another person. This can be because of insecurities, fears, shame, embarrassment, their shadow getting poked, or their beliefs being challenged and putting their “rightness” at risk (this can be us as well).
In our intimate relationships it’s so important to prioritize understanding, but in order to do that we must first understand what blocks us. We must first connect to the constraints and how our system is shutting the system down. “What is happening in my experience right now that keeps me from connecting to you?” If I understood you the way you want to be understood, then I ____.
Doing this work is powerful and important work, but sometimes people are just not up for it. Sometimes people are so committed to their beliefs and their experience that yours doesn’t have any room to exist. Self care can mean setting the boundary when your attempts yield you the same painful results. Working at it is one thing. Taking care of yourself enough to shut it down when the convo leaves you feeling less than time and time again is another. #mindfulmft

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MiNDFUL on 1015 N 2nd St

I love all the bud tenders, it's a super friendly shop with great inventory! I had a weight issue in the past and Cody went above and beyond to make it right. Love these guys!

Review by Dan Prescott

MiNDFUL on 1015 N 2nd St

This place Is awesome!! they have the best prices!!! of any dispensary within a 100 miles hands down!!! they carry quality medicine it is usually top notch! everybody is hit-or-miss but there are way more hits than misses at this place trust me! Again the price under a $100 for quality medicine! Come on right! Better hurry!!

Review by James Evans

MiNDFUL on 1015 N 2nd St

Great buds,Great staff,Great prices &Great quality. Brett is a great bud tender and always helps me with all of my questions. Very knowledgable and informative. Love all the staff at this location. But after seeing there other stores this one needs some love and some more strains.

Review by Sage

MiNDFUL on 1015 N 2nd St

Everyone is Always So Awesomely Friendly and they know their products plus information about everything. Prices are Great, better then any other place I have been. Won't go anywhere else!!

Review by Crystal Nason

MiNDFUL on 1015 N 2nd St

This is my new favorite dispensary for a few reasons; the staff is fantastic, the products are great and the deals for members are sweeeeeet!!!!!

Review by Bobbi Sperry

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