Torrey Holistics

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Torrey Holistics is a cannabis dispensary in San-diego, California.

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Torrey Holistics

Store Hours

  • Monday: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Thursday: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Friday: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Saturday: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Sunday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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10671 Roselle St
San Diego, CA 92121

Phone Number

(858) 558-1420

Torrey Holistics San Diego

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“The biggest killer on the planet is stress, and I still think the best medicine is and always has been cannabis.” - Willie Nelson⠀

Cheers to a stress-free weekend filled with cannabis 🌿⠀

Don’t forget to join us for our 420 festivities tomorrow! Hang out with vendors throughout the day and take advantage of some smokin’ deals! The first 420 people will be offered a 420 Survival Swag Bag for a penny (w/ all applicable taxes), so come in early - these goodies will go fast!⠀

📸: @shopjanewest ⠀
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[ Mozen ] We love these pens because they are sleek, discreet & there is no need to charge or screw cartridges in. Not to mention, you get approximately 200 smiles per pen 🙃⠀

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[ c a n n a b i s 1 0 1 ] Consuming cannabis is actually beneficial for our brain cells and stimulates brain cell growth. THC is a known neuroprotectant as it keeps your brain protected from inflammation, oxidative stress and other harmful things. Now, scientists believe that THC is actually capable of encouraging neurogenesis, which is otherwise known as the growth of new brain cells.⠀

We host free cannabis 101 classes every Mon + Wed from 11-11:30am. Come join us and learn all about our favorite plant! 🌿⠀
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[ MARY JAY PARTY ] In our house or yours, learn and celebrate the benefits, facts and fun of cannabis presented by our MJP consultants! We provide a fun-filled educational presentation designed with your guests and their interests in mind. Don’t get it twisted, these aren’t your momma’s makeup parties 😉⠀

All guests will receive a personalized goodie bag and an informational packet with reference sheets to take home. Go to our website or send us a DM for details!⠀

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Torrey Holistics on 10671 Roselle St

A lot of places have moved away from medicinal to recreational products. After the product I relied on for anxiety stopped being carried at my usual place, I was referred to Torrey Holistics. They are very dedicated to education and guidance for medicinal purposes. The wait can get long but it's because they're dedicated to 1-on-1 guidance to help you best. I'm so glad they exist!

Review by Alex C

Torrey Holistics on 10671 Roselle St

My first visit went smoothly. This is the first and only dispensary I have visited so far. After getting registered as a client and told to take a seat for a 1-1 orientation in was immediate welcomed into the buying area. I was shown the items I was looking for and made the purchase effortlessly. The staff was helpful and informative. If I had one criticism, it might be the pricing. I was told by friends that Torrey Holistics is more pricey compared to others in San Diego. I don't have comparative experience yet, so I cannot say for certain, but other reviews are saying this too, so it might be true. You can ask for specials and sales and maybe find something within ones price expectations. Overall, a positive buying experience.

Review by Wayne Grazio

Torrey Holistics on 10671 Roselle St

Great experience!! We came from Philly visiting family in the area and wanted to visit a dispensary for the first time and chose this place. The atmosphere was great , staff was friendly and knowledgable of products. This will be our first stop we make on our next visit!!! Thank u

Review by Its Kiiausha

Torrey Holistics on 10671 Roselle St

They have everything you need here including the knowledge of their product. Leif is the best there if you need any help!

Review by Richard Guedes

Torrey Holistics on 10671 Roselle St

Bishop was so kind, really knowledgeable, and is a very authentic person. This was my first time coming here and I'll definitely be coming back. The location is very organized and the "lines" move very quickly. You are greated at the door and then walked in. Top notch dispensary!

Review by Grace Garfield

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What is a Cannabis Dispensary?

A cannabis dispensary is a retail store which sells cannabis products and accessories. Since the early 1990's, cannabis dispensaries have existed in the United States. The first dispensary was opened in California, and since then, the nation has been progressing towards cannabis reform. Now, there are thousands of cannabis dispensaries, and more on the way as laws in the United States change towards legalizing medical and recreational cannabis.

Most dispensaries carry a variety of different kinds of flowers and buds. The flowers will range from sativa to hybrids of all sorts to indicas, and depending on state, test results letting you know the percentages of THC, cannabinoids and terpenoids as well as ensuring the quality of the flowers. In addition, dispensaries carry a variety of other cannabis products such as prefilled vape cartridges, concentrates such as waxes and oils, as well as a multitude of other cannabis products like lotions and tinctures.

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